Who We Are?

Our Mission

The passion for boxing and martial arts inspired us to produce a ring that would be solid, stable and adaptable to any space, as well as easy and practical for transportation and installation.
Our experience in the world of martial arts, has shown us that safety is the most important measure, that we pay
special attention to. For those reasons, our boxing rings are made of special materials, soft pads, canvas and coated ropes.

In addition to this, the boxing rings are designed with attention to detail, delivering an outstanding experience.

Our mission is to make martial arts safe and to protect fighters from injury, by producing high quality boxing rings.

Extraordinary Experiences

We produce various types of boxing rings, for competitions, training, customized size and design, floor rings, as well as production of equipment for training halls and major martial arts show events.

Our Core Values

Boxningsring.SE is a Scandinavian company that specializes in production, rental and reconstruction of boxing rings, gym arranging, and organizing major boxing events.

  • We produce products with passion
  • Our quality is always in the first place
  • We are always accurate and on time
  • We always respect the agreement